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Gifted & Talented Secondary Selective Entrance Program

Gifted and Talented education at Fremantle College enables children with exceptional academic ability to engage and flourish in a learning environment that is intellectually stimulating and rigorous. Learning programs are flexible and tailored to accelerate, extend and enrich the learning for each student. Classroom environments that are creative, promote divergent and higher-order thinking, as well as deliver an open ended approach to learning, will foster the continued emergence of students’ gifts and talents, and growth in learning.

Fremantle College has one class of up to 32 students in the Gifted and Talented Secondary Selective Academic Program in each cohort, expanding each year. Students are timetabled together as one class for English, Maths, Science and HASS from Year 7 through to Year 10. In Year 11 and Year 12 students will select their own curriculum pathway however they will remain a part of the Gifted and Talented Program and their academic progress and social development will continue to be monitored and supported.

Our Curriculum

The curriculum offered within the Gifted and Talented Program at Fremantle College includes:

  • Differentiation based on the needs of students
  • Project–based, real world learning opportunities
  • Collaborative curriculum design
  • STEM learning practices embedded within courses
  • Compaction and acceleration as required
  • Thematic approaches to Learning Area planning
  • Higher order thinking strategies
  • Philosophy of solo taxonomy in curriculum electives

Course planning draws on the ACARA Critical and Creative Thinking Learning Continuum, which guides the implementation of opportunities for academic enrichment – Inquiring; Generating Ideas; Reflecting; and Analysing, Synthesising and Evaluating.

The program has been mapped out across the year groups to provide learning that is cohesive and seamless for all students. Our Gifted and Talented Scope and Sequence includes core focus planning for:

  • Curriculum
  • Learning and Innovation Skills
  • Life and Career Skills
  • Student Cognitive and Social/Emotional Development

As students progress into Senior School at Fremantle College they will have access to a growing range of ATAR courses that will provide them with the opportunity for direct entry into further study at university.

City Beach Residential College is available for students who reside remotely and provides support to students while they live and learn away from their families.

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How to apply

Selection into the Gifted and Talented Program is highly sought after and competitive. Places are offered on the basis of each applicant’s performance in the selection requirements specific to the program. The selection process is undertaken by the Department of Education. A parent is responsible for completing and lodging the application form online by the date specified each year.

All applicants are required to sit the Academic Selective Entrance Test (ASET) which comprises four components: Reading Comprehension, Communicating Ideas in Writing, Quantitative Reasoning and Abstract Reasoning. Applicants who complete the ASET receive an individual performance report and, based on their result, may be offered a place in the Gifted and Talented Program.

For further information on our Gifted and Talented Secondary Selective Academic Program please contact Fremantle College on (08) 9338 8900 or via
email: fremantle.college@education.wa.edu.au

Applications for 2025 are now open!  Applications close Sunday 11 February 2024. 

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