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The Arts Learning Area

In The Arts Learning Area students develop creative skills, critical appreciation and knowledge of artistic techniques and technologies in drama, media, music and visual arts. Engagement in the arts provides young people with authentic and meaningful learning experiences that engage their minds and creative spirits and fosters an understanding and lifelong appreciation for arts and culture. The Arts engages students in learning multiple skills and abilities, nurturing the development of a wide range of cognitive, social, and personal competencies.

Students are able to study Arts throughout their schooling, with pathways offered in all disciplines from Year 7 through to Year 12.


Drama is for all students who love the idea of performing, or would like to develop their ability to perform to an audience or camera. The Drama courses foster fun, creativity and spontaneity and refines each student’s talent in performance, design and theatre making. Students will extend their skills in voice, movement, improvisation and characterisation. Students will be involved in performances of published scripts and their own self-devised material, including a consideration of design elements such as costume, set, lighting, sound and promotion. Students will enjoy rehearsing and performing in our Fremantle College Performing Arts Centre. This is an exciting course for all students interested in acting, performance and design.


In Media students are provided with opportunities to explore how media texts are constructed in ways which will impact particular audiences in particular contexts. They learn to think critically about the media texts they read and view, as well as creating their own. Students develop and refine their skills and processes for problem-solving, working as a team, following timelines and using processes and strategies to ensure safe and responsible use of media equipment.

Visual Arts

In Visual Arts students are encouraged to use visual communication to challenge their own original ideas, and the ideas of others, both as arts practitioners, and members of an audience. They will develop and extend conceptual and perceptual knowledge and understanding, critical analysis and practical skills, through the exploration of the world in which they live and experience and the world of the imagination. The Visual Arts course encourages students in an exciting journey of self-discovery, experimentation, and practical problem solving embedded in visual inquiry, analysis, creative problem solving and Visual Arts practice. The Visual Arts course extends students’ critical thinking skills in the analysis and interpretation of artworks, encouraging cultural appreciation of the arts in both a historical and a contemporary context, through the exploration of artists and their works.