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Contributions and Charges

Payment of Contribution & Charges

We believe that the best way to provide quality education is through the provision of modern texts and equipment for students.  Your payment of the voluntary contributions will result in a higher standard of educational resources for your child.  Fremantle College urges you to pay this portion to enable the college to provide your child with the education we believe they deserve.

We recommend you start making plans now so that you are in a position to pay your Voluntary Contributions and Compulsory Charges prior to the end of Term 1, 2024.  Funds collected within the year are spent on resources for that year.  Fremantle College has payment options available.  Please click the below link to view our Contributions and Charges 2024 booklet and our Excursion/Incursion Costings list:

Contributions and Charges 2024

Anticipated Additional Charges 2024