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Are you living in our local intake area?

If you child resides primarily in our local intake area, please complete and email our Enrolment Form, with your proof of address and any other requirements as per the ‘checklist’ on Page 2 to: fremantle.college@education.wa.edu.au.   Alternatively, please complete and bring your proof of address and additional documentation to our Administration for processing.

Download Enrolment Forms

Our Enrolment Form can be downloaded and completed on your screen – you can download it, fill it out, save the file and email it to us at: fremantle.college@education.wa.edu.au

Enrolled students do not have automatic access to the Gifted and Talented or Specialist Programs offered at Fremantle College, as these programs have specific application requirements.   All local students must apply through the appropriate channels if they wish to be considered for inclusion in these programs.

For students in our local intake area applying for a place in Years 8 to 12, a parent and student interview with an Associate Principal will take place prior to commencing at the college.


Out of Area Enrolments

Should your child reside out of our local intake area, please complete our Out of Area application form and email it through to fremantle.college@education.wa.edu.au, or alternatively drop this form off to our Administration for processing.


If you are interested in further information regarding the enrolment process, please email fremantle.college@education.wa.edu.au  or call our Enrolments Officer on 9338 8900.