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College Board

The College Board is formed to provide a formal means of achieving community participation in schools to ensure they are responsive to local needs. The functions of the Board include:

  • Taking part in establishing and reviewing the college’s objectives.
  • Prioritising general policy directions of the college.
  • Taking part in financial planning (including our budget).
  • Taking part in the evaluation of the college’s performance.
  • Promoting the college in the community.

The Board is made up of representatives from staff, parents and the wider community, and meet each term.


Voting for 2024 College Board positions are now open.  Please vote via the below link:

College Board Voting

Voting closes 1 February 2024.


Our Current College Board Members:

Myles Draper – Principal
I have had the great privilege to be the Fremantle College founding principal. As founding principal, I have been on the College Board since 2018 and worked closely with the community advisory group in the planning stages of Fremantle College.I have over 25 years experience in public education in Western Australia, and have held leadership positions at Applecross Senior High School, Gilmore College and Woodvale Secondary College.Our college works closely with parents, students, teachers and the local community so that together we can build a highly innovative and aspirational secondary school.
David Raftery – Board Co-Chair

Fremantle College is uniquely placed.  It is on the doorstep of the Indian Ocean, with unrivalled access to the rivers, ports, and ocean that we have the privilege of enjoying and the responsibility to look after.

I live locally, and my eldest child is in Year 10 at Fremantle College, and we have all found the experience of Fremantle College to be highly engaging and positive. The diversity of the students, and the school’s commitment to build pathways for all, is what motivates me to contribute to the College’s work.

I have served on Fremantle College’s Board since 2020, and in that short two years, Fremantle College has become the local school of choice.  However, the College faces a challenge in continuing to grow its student population, and to ensure that this growth is matched by a physical learning and teaching environment that accommodates all.

Dominique Hansen – Board Co-Chair

I am a proud parent of a year 8 child at Fremantle College.My background is in advocacy, public policy, management and governance in the community and government sectors.

My focus is to support the Principal, Myles Draper, and his team to deliver a vibrant, inclusive school environment where all students can excel.

Catherine Turnbull – Community

I am a renewable energy, carbon and sustainability professional working in State Government.  I moved to the Fremantle area with my family in 2011 and my daughter attends Fremantle College.

Like many other people in the Fremantle area, I am concerned about climate change and want to live more sustainably. I am passionate about educating and facilitating the next generation to shift the narrative on sustainability into the mainstream. The next generation has incredible climate advocates and if supported they are innovative in their thinking and naturally motivated by social justice and equity. These are the skills they will need as they reach adulthood in the new global climate economy.

I offer the college my knowledge of sustainability education and hope to assist in improving the school’s environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Pamela Lewis – Community

Qualifications include Bachelor of Health Science, Diploma of Nursing, qualifications in intensive care, midwifery. Career includes nursing in Australia and overseas, CEO of 3 Perth private hospitals, consultant to national organisations, board member of Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, involvement in community health education.

Since Fremantle College was established, I have followed its activities and progress, initially as a long-term Fremantle resident and then as grandmother of a student.  Liking what I saw and experienced, I wanted to be involved as a community member.

I would like Fremantle College to be recognised for its exceptional work. This is important not just for the College but for the community and the entire education network, to demonstrate what can be achieved when an old asset is brought up to present-day standards, and leaders are appointed who can build a team and meet high goals. The academic, special interest, cultural and community achievements are impressive. Now it is time for the Fremantle region, Perth and WA to be aware of them.

Jon Cope – Parent

I’ve been a community advocate for Fremantle College since it was first planned as I support local community development. Our son graduated from Fremantle College in 2021 and we have a daughter currently in Year 8. I work in the culture and arts industry as an arts manager, festival director, cultural development academic and musician. I’ve lived and worked in Fremantle for many years and hope to contribute my arts industry networks and community connections to supporting the creative profile and academic reputation of Fremantle College.

Emma Herrick – Parent

I joined the Board in 2022. I have two children who attend Fremantle College and we live in Beaconsfield.

Fremantle College’s reputation and student achievement have grown significantly since the college started in 2018. I want to add value and help facilitate even greater uplift.

I have extensive school board experience having previously been Board Chair at a local primary school for 5 years and Vice Board Chair at a high school for 2 years.

I am keenly interested in developing stronger links between Fremantle College and local businesses e.g. through work experience and post-school employment opportunities, student mentoring, staff development and training opportunities etc.

Erin Baker – Staff

I am the Associate Principal for Years 9 and 10 here at Fremantle College. I am also a resident of the Fremantle area and my children attend the College.

I am an avid supporter of public education and ensuring our work at the college is benefiting the wider community by providing an excellent educational experience for our students.

My areas of expertise and interest on the College Board centre around teaching and learning, staff well-being and student support.

Christopher Walke – Staff

Living in the community myself, I am the third generation of Fremantle teacher in my family and feel very passionately about supporting the wider school community. I currently hold the role as being both the UniReady and Year 11 Coordinator at Fremantle College.

Having served on the Fremantle College Board since the beginning of 2022, my focus this year will be to extend the recognition of the excellent staff at the school. Given the changing nature of the community and the constant evolution of teaching processes, through this portfolio I aim to support the health and wellbeing of staff as best possible.

I along with the rest of the board believe that the support of students and staff alike is essential to the consistent growth and success of Fremantle College.

Sarah Hopley – Staff

I am the Associate Principal – Year 11 and 12 at Fremantle College, bringing a wealth of experience and a passion for student success. As one of the founding staff members, I have been part of the college’s growth and development.

Living in the local community, I have a deep understanding of the unique needs and aspirations of our students. With a strong background in Student Services, my primary goal is to support and guide students in achieving their goals and finding suitable pathways to enrich their later lives.