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Fremantle College Learning Support

About Us

At Fremantle College we are committed to fostering your child's enthusiasm for learning, and developing their curiosity and leadership. Our high expectations for academic achievement, together with our vibrant, inclusive and supportive learning environment, will ensure your child receives an outstanding education.

Student needs and interests are well catered for within all subject areas and all classrooms. Our highly skilled and experienced teaching staff provide learning opportunities and experiences that are designed to support not only their academic growth, but also their emotional development.

Learning programs offer students a variety of pathways within all subject areas, from Year 7 through to Year 12. A suite of elective courses provides the stimulus for students to embark on their educational journey in their chosen subjects, enabling them to take the lead in their individual pathway for their future.

At Fremantle College our aim is to unlock and fulfil every student's learning potential. The college's Excellence in Teaching and Learning Framework and Tiers of Intervention Model are embedded in all classrooms. Differentiation practices support students' academic achievement and engagement through the explicit tailoring of experiences to meet the needs of each individual student. Support programs and structures have been designed to work in tandem with our mainstream curriculum, providing specialised and targeted interventions for students in need.

Our belief in the importance of Positive Education, blending academic learning with students' well-being needs, informs Fremantle College's approach to progressing student outcomes. Drawing on the College Values of Kindness, Leadership and Perseverance, students are encouraged to demonstrate positive attributes within their daily interactions with others, as well as for their individual personal growth.

A multifaceted approach to STEM learning, including involvement in the Department of Education's STEM Enterprise program, enables global best practice to be embedded in all curriculum delivery. Students are encouraged to employ 21st century learning skills within all their studies, developing the ability to transfer their knowledge into all aspects of their learning. With a focus on real world problems, students are able to work on driving solutions to tomorrow's concerns today.

At Fremantle College we work with our students, preparing them for their future lives and always encouraging Strength, Respect, Success.