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Student Support

Fremantle College provides a safe and supportive school environment, ensuring that the social, emotional, physical and mental health of all of our students is a priority. We are committed to promoting our core Values of Perseverence, Curiosity, Enthusiasm for Learning, Kindness and Leadership through our student support programs.

Student Support
Our Student Services team consists of specialist staff who work in partnership with our teachers, parents and, where required, outside support agencies to improve the education outcomes for all of our students.

A dedicated team of staff is available to students in Years 7, 8 and 9, as well as Years 10, 11 and 12. Our Student Services team has a focus on promoting a positive environment at the college, both inside and outside of the classroom. Student wellbeing and pastoral care is at the core of Student Services, as well as supporting academic and social pathways for success.

The focus of our Student Services team is to engage with all students and support Fremantle College’s positive learning environment, providing opportunities and pathways for success for all students.

Student Leadership
Fremantle College encourages all students to demonstrate the Value of Leadership, with opportunities at all year levels for students to formally engage as a leader in the Student Leadership Team. The entire student cohort is led by our Year 12 College Captains, who represent the college at various events, and enable to student voice to be effectively heard.

Student Health and Fitness
Fremantle College offers a wide range of varied physical programs for students to partake in. Our college is proud of our high participation rates in our lightning carnival teams, interschool athletics and swimming carnivals. Students are encouraged to participate in sporting activities, providing them with the experience of competing individually or as part of a team.

Our regular health and physical education program form part of our general curriculum for all lower school students, with varied and extensive opportunities to continue studies in upper school.

Learning Support
Learning Support Fremantle College offers a number of additional programs and revision classes for our student groups. Specific curriculum programs for students in both lower school and the senior school provide students with a differentiated classroom to build on their knowledge and skill sets. Targeted interventions for literacy and numeracy are also timetabled to benefit the learning of students. ATAR revisions sessions, homework classes and lunchtime clubs are available to support our students’ academic progress.