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Maritime Trade Training Centre

Students studying materials technology and engineering have access to the college’s industry standard trade training centre.

The centre includes:

  • Indoor and outdoor fabrication areas where materials are measured, bent, cut and formed into complex shapes.
  • Machining workshop including lathes; milling machines; drills; and hydraulic shears and punches.
  • Fusion and electric welding bays with a complete suite of MIG, arc and TIG welders.
  • Multifunction engineering workspace for electrical engineering, automation and mechatronics work.
  • Standard teaching rooms.

Also available in the centre is the advanced industrial automation laboratory and the college’s computer-numeric control equipment. Fremantle College has invested in some of the most advanced engineering equipment available to any secondary school in Western Australia.

With access to the centre students from learning disciplines across the school learn advanced problem solving in an integrated STEM setting. Fremantle college offers courses in engineering, mechatronics and materials technology (metals and/or woodwork) with certificate courses in engineering pathways.