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Fremantle College Learning Support

Academic Excellence Academy

Fremantle College’s Academic Excellence Academy is a college-based program to engage high performing students in a stimulating and engaging academic environment in the subject areas of English, Humanities and Social Sciences, Math and Science.

Open to students in Year 7 to Year 10 (who are local intake area students or who have received a confirmation of enrolment) an enhanced curriculum develops creative and critical thinking skills, preparing them for further study and the rigours of a constantly evolving world. Students are expected to maintain high levels of academic achievement to progress through the program, and will be supported to ensure they continue to achieve their potential.

Students have access to competitions, incursions and team challenges, and will be regularly engaging with Fremantle College’s Gifted and Talented Selective Academic Program. Enhanced opportunities for academic differentiation and acceleration ensures that students in the program are able to successfully access a range of Senior School pathways, in particular ATAR studies. Academic Excellence Academy students benefit by being placed in a class with like-minded peers who are extended beyond the curriculum by teachers with additional training and an understanding of highly academic learners. Students entering Year 7 will be enrolled in Academy classes for English, Math, Science and HASS, with student movement from Year 8 according to level of achievement demonstrated in the previous semester.

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How to apply

If your child demonstrates a high level of academic achievement and aspires to further their post-schooling opportunities, lives in our local intake area or has received a confirmation of enrolment, we invite them to apply for our Academic Excellence Academy. All applicants are required to submit their previous school reports and NAPLAN report, and participate in academic testing at Fremantle College.