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Fremantle College Free Breakfast Everyday for Students

Fremantle College Breakfast Program

As we approach the half way through the year mark, I would like to update you on Fremantle Colleges’ amazing breakfast program and to take the opportunity to thank our wonderful, selfless volunteers.  Thank you for your fabulous work!

 We have 5 amazing teams serving our students breakfast 5 days a week. Everyone who attends breakfast not only enjoys the yummy food and beverages on offer, they also share in witty banter, dancing and fun activities.

The School Breakfast Program continues its long association with Foodbank WA, and is supported by the Department of Health WA. Free breakfast is available EVERY DAY to all students every morning from 8.00am (before commencement of class).

All students and staff are invited to the demountable (in between K Block & Trade Training Centre)  to enjoy FREE BREAKFAST foodstuffs, such as delicious baked bean, spaghetti, Vegemite or butter toasted sandwiches, peach smoothies, pancakes, COLD or HOT Milo and fresh fruit !! 

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Monica Mendes