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Consultation on Fremantle College Motto Community Survey 2017

Dear community member
It is important that the Fremantle College motto reflects the ideals of our community, our staff, the college vision and is accessible to all in our school. To this end, we would like your input as a community member to determine the best option. Each of the possibilities below have come from deep discussion with a range of stakeholders about our vision, our important role in the community and focus on the strengths we are working to build on as a school.
The motto will be used in a variety of ways; signage in the environment, print forms, publicity and be used by staff and students to capture the essence of what Fremantle College aims to  achieve. It must align with our vision, “Fremantle College is a vibrant and inclusive learning community, delivering excellence in education. Students are encouraged to develop to their full potential and flourish in a caring and friendly environment.”
Please consider each of the potential motto’s below and cast your vote. Once feedback from staff, students and the community has been collected, a decision will be made that represents the preference of the majority and that the community will embrace. We appreciate the time taken to contribute to the process.
Voting will close on Monday 9 October

Emma Walker, Associate Principal, on behalf of the Fremantle College Executive team.