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College Connect – Week 5, Term 1 2018

College Connect - Week 5, Term 1 2018

From the Principal

Welcome to our first edition of College Connect for 2018. I would like to start by recognising the fantastic contribution of our community to the wonderful start to the year. I have met many enthusiastic students and received much positive feedback from parents about the quality of the programs at the college and how much their children are enjoying their first few weeks. The Year 7 students particularly seemed to enjoy the Big Days In, a program jam packed with activities to ensure that our first Year 7 students had a great start to college life.

I have visited many classrooms over the first five weeks and been continually impressed by the quality of the teaching and high levels of engagement of the students at the college. The Specialist Contemporary Music students at their rehearsal day on Thursday were demonstrating real world learning at its best, wherein they provided feedback on performance pieces from Years  7 - 10. It was great to see the analysis of their compositions and, of course, listen to their performances. The Gifted and Talented class is currently in negotiations to possibly feature in an ABC TV series on sustainability. We wish them all the best in their application and hope they are successful with their endeavour.

There are many more stories in the newsletter from our Specialist programs. It is great to walk around the college and see so many talented students doing something that they thoroughly enjoy and are passionate about.

Years 8 and 9 students have completed sessions with Elevate, designed to support their academic progress and general attitude toward their studies. These sessions were very successful with fantastic feedback regarding presenters and the session content. Year 7 students also undertook an Elevate session during their Big Days In as an introduction to the changes to their studies in high school. Elevate sessions are coming up for upper school students and are indicated on our college calendar on the website, and will also be communicated to parents via email.

We held our official opening on Thursday 2 February with the Minister for Education, the Honourable Sue Ellery, and Department of Education Director General Sharyn O’Neill along with invited special guests. Whilst due to the timing we could not invite our whole community we would like you to join us for our Welcome Day on Thursday 15 March from 3.00pm – 5.00pm at the front of the college. Each Learning Area will be represented, providing a great opportunity to meet our staff and share in our celebration of the opening of Fremantle College. The Solar Stage will be setup with music and entertainment, as well as tours and presentations from our Learning Areas. I look forward to meeting you all on this day.

Next week we have a Public Holiday on Monday 5 March and a School Development Day on Friday 9 March. Friday night is also the date of the very first Fremantle College Ball and promises to be a wonderful occasion where we get to celebrate the mature young adults we teach in an alternative setting, in all their finery! The Years 11 and 12 students will be enjoying what promises to be a fantastic night. Students will be heading to the Perth Convention Centre under the backdrop of Elizabeth Quay and the Swan River. I thank everyone for the work that they have put in to make this event possible.

It has been a busy first term with the college getting all of the business systems up and running. I appreciate your patience whilst this has been occurring. You will have noticed that parent access to Connect has gone live and parents can now access class pages, attendance, timetables, due dates for assessments and many other important resources to provide you with the opportunity to assist your child with their education. Teachers are working to get their Connect pages running and communication is all important, therefore I encourage parents to maintain contact with teachers through Connect or by email. I would also encourage you to update your email address with us as soon as possible. You can also help by letting anyone who is not receiving correspondence from the college to update their details.

We are starting to implement our student leadership model at the college and I look forward to working more closely with the student body to move our college forward.

Whilst the vast majority of our students have transitioned and settled in well I understand that this has been a more difficult time for some of our students. If your child is experiencing difficulty please contact the college. The most effective point of initial contact is to email your child’s teachers, and for this reason  we have placed every teachers email on our website as an easy hyperlink for you to use. If you would like to discuss a matter not related to your child’s classroom,  please email one of our student services managers, Ms Sarah Hopley (Years 10-12) and Mr Steve Banzic (Years 7-9).

Mr Myles Draper

Upcoming Events

Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessments (OLNA)

Years 10- 12 students will be sitting Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessments (OLNA) over the next three weeks. These students have received a personalised timetable indicating the day, time and room of the test they need to complete. These tests are used to demonstrate literacy and numeracy competence that goes towards achieving the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) and we encourage all students to attend and do their very best to succeed in them. Our staff are working hard to ensure that students are ready for the test and individualised support has been offered in small groups to students who have yet to pass in Year 11 and 12.

Contributions & charges

Specialist Program payments

Please be advised that if your child is enrolled in a Specialist Program, payment for this is due no later than Friday 6 April.  Payments can be made via QKR, direct deposit, cash or cheque.  Should you wish to discuss a payment plan please visit the administration office to arrange.

Subject compulsory charges

In Years 7 – 10, elective subjects have compulsory charges for consumable materials, venue hire etc. In Years 11 and 12 ALL subject charges are compulsory. Examples of elective subjects are: Specialist Marine Studies, AFL Academy, Specialist Contemporary Music, etc.    Debt collectors are used to retrieve unpaid compulsory charges.

Specialist Music

Specialist Music students took part in Concert Prac on Thursday 1st March. 18 bands performed and then received feedback from their peers and teachers. An important opportunity to build confidence and performance experience, Concert Prac is also an chance to work on students’ analytical listening skills and literacy. Year 10 students mentored Years 7 and 8 students throughout the day, helping them to identify areas for improvement and apply the appropriate vocabulary to their critiques.

Mr Gowland, Specialist Music Program Coordinator commented, "It is really exciting to hear what our Specialist Students have achieved already at Fremantle College!”.


Specialist ICT

The new school year has begun and all our students have settled in and are working well. Currently, we have Years 7, 8 and 9 Specialist ICT classes. We have seen lots of positive attitudes, attendance and self-confidence across the student group. The Specialist ICT Program offers students an opportunity to engage in a specially designed curriculum that fosters creativity and adventure in the learning experience. Currently our Specialist ICT students are making their way through the first topic, Programming and Robotics. Within this, they are learning about LEGO Mindstorms EV3 and preparing themselves for RoboCup Junior WA 2018.

RoboCup Junior is a project-oriented educational initiative that sponsors local, regional and international robotic events for young students. There are three main challenges in the competition: Rescue, Dance and Soccer. There are a few workshops that parents and students can attend. For details, please check the RoboCup Junior website. Parents are recommended to visit this website and educate themselves on the opportunities that RoboCup Junior WA providing for our students.

In the last five weeks, students have learned how to build a basic robot such as Riley and Gen Bot. They have learned various parts, sensors and motors of Lego Mindstorms Ev3. Once they have successfully built a Riley robot, they have started to program using Mindstorms software. Students have been able to grasp the programming concepts quickly and put them into practice by conducting tests and analysis on their models. I am looking forward to seeing more exciting robots from our ICT Specialist students.

Ms Mogana Ramasamy

Specialist Marine Studies

Marine Science

Year 10 Marine Science students are currently studying Genetics. They are undertaking a project where they are breeding guppies to determine what genetic traits are passed from parents to offspring. While the breeding process does take time, things are looking promising with some females already looking pregnant. Hopefully we will have some results to share with you soon!

Mr Nick Glorie

Marine Practical

The Specialist Marine Studies students have had a busy but positive start to the year. Practical sessions have been run in the pool with introduction to snorkel skills, advanced snorkel skills, Bronze Medallion and SCUBA skills from Years 7 – 10 respectively. Students will begin to make their way off site in the latter half of Term 1 to put these skills to use in more open water scenarios.

As the new rashies are being finalised, students are welcome to wear their own, or a school one can be provided until the order arrives.

Information regarding pricing and options for the Year 10 Marine Camp to Coral Bay will be sent home before the end of Term 1. The date for this camp is Sat 23 June – Fri 29 June (Term 2, Week 9).

Finally, well done to all students who participated in the swimming carnival. A special well done to the Specialist Marine students who placed in either the top 3 for year group or Endeavour Awards, winning 17 out of a possible 30 awards.

Mr Craig Smith


Performing Arts Academy

The new Fremantle College Performing Arts Academy commenced in 2018 with a wonderful group of enthusiastic and talented Year 7 students. Having gained entry to the course through a specific singing, dancing and acting audition, these students have spent the first weeks of term building their foundation skills in Music (with Miss Hannah Smart) and Drama (with Mr Kim Delury). An exciting part of the process has been introducing them to the impressive teaching and performance facilities available in the new Fremantle College Performing Arts Theatre and the renowned Calvert Music Centre. We look forward to watching their development as performers, in confidence and ability, and their future performances later in the semester.

Mr Kim Delury

AFL Academy

The inaugural year of Fremantle College’s Years 7 and 8 AFL Academy has started as positive as could be hoped. Students have been eager to demonstrate their abilities and have revealed a keen interest in the program that Ms Traynor and Mr Basile have put forward.

The term started with a successful parent information evening, with over 70 parents in attendance, to learn about the vision for the program and the expectation of students. Our partner, the Stephen Michael Foundation, was also in attendance as our link with South Fremantle Football Club and the Stephen Michael Foundation was explained, detailing that the aim of the program isn’t just to create good footballers, with the best opportunities available, but with an emphasis on developing good people.

The Stephen Michael Foundation has been hosting period 0 sessions for all of our Years 7 and 8 AFL Academy classes in the Recreation Centre each week. The sessions so far this term have focused on leadership and nutrition, educating students about aspects of football off the field.

Term 1’s content of fitness testing has now been completed and students are beginning their basic skills and strength and conditioning component of the course. All students have performed fantastically in their fitness testing and will re-evaluate at the end of the term as part of their assessment. Basic skills are improving too as we move towards Term 2 and our first home and away fixtures. In preparation for these tournaments, scratch matches against friendly schools have already been arranged for the end of this term, as I’m sure the students, parents, community and the rest of the school are excited to see how Fremantle College’s AFL Academy perform. We have also been lucky enough to enter male and female teams for our upper school students, entering a full Fremantle College contingent for all WA school AFL competitions.

Ms Michelle Traynor

Swimming Carnival

Thanks to all students who participated in the swimming carnival which saw some fantastic performances by many students. Also, thank you to the PE staff and all other staff who put in a great effort in on the day. Big congratulations must go to all our medal winners. Thanks also to our school nurse, Ms Janine Looby, for arranging Syd the Seagull and our Sunsafe message.

Ms Troy Kelly


Year 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place Endeavour Award
7 Oceana Ly

Ash Wallace

Molly Lukowiak

Ryder Blomeley

Sienna Proctor

Ben Jenkins

Sophie Anderson

Shantelle Martin

Luna Filipe

Samuel Suardi

Harvey Templeman

Kayden Hickey

8 Maddison Weldon

Tom Ferguson

Molly Wallace

Chris Tibbels

Elise Cleminson

Aiden Watts


Freda Rule

Anwyn Callaway

Jimmy Baing

Jaxson Carwardine

9 Jai Ralph

Lokie Cole

Ilaria Valtolina

Kaitlin Mudie

Luke Potalivo

Arshia Shayaee

Maria Oliveira

Bailey Quigley

Ali Rezai Nahal

Nicole Mcleod

Stefania Licandro

10 Jay T

Shayla Hodzic

Blaze Norlin

Courtney Cameron

James Liney
11 Josh Schaper

Charlotte Ackrill

Gus Oosthuizen Kiernan Harvey
12 Rihari Iki Todd Hatcher Broadee Binder

Health & Wellness News

It is lovely to see all our students settle into 2018 as a new school community. The staff is also enjoying new innovative ideas for ‘class leave passes', as seen below.

It is, however, very important to keep following our 'Traffic Light System' so that students are able to learn what health issues are considered an emergency and what health issues could wait until recess or lunch time.

Some students are required to take medication during the day, please feel free to call and chat to your school nurse, Janine, if you require any assistance with this. Please be aware the college does not dispense any medication to students.

Continue to be respectful and kind to one another!

Nurse Janine

Travelling to and from school - a safety reminder

It is great to see so many of our students walking, riding and catching public transport to the college. It is timely to remind all students when travelling on public transport to please be mindful and respectful to members of the public and other students. Students should also be reminded to give up their seat for full fare paying passengers and the elderly.  In light of recent incidents reported in the media, I would also like to remind parents and students of some suggestions to help your children stay safe on the way to and from Fremantle College:

  • always travel in a group
  • walk on the right hand side of the road to face oncoming traffic
  • wherever possible, leave space between you and the roadway
  • stay in areas that are well lit
  • stay in view – avoid going into areas that are hidden (such as parkland bush or behind shopping centres)
  • be alert – earphones and headphones can reduce your awareness considerably
  • if you have a mobile phone, have it turned on and ready to dial an emergency number
  • if a passing car stops nearby, never get too close
  • run from a situation if you feel at risk
  • give this advice to your brothers and sisters, especially if they are younger
  • report suspicious behaviour to your parents, school and the police
  • if you can get it safely, try to photograph or remember the number plate of the car
  • report numbers plates of cars and the clothing or distinguishing features of individuals to police.

You can call 13 14 44 to report an incident to WA Police (only use 000 in an emergency) or 1800 333 000 to reach Crime Stoppers or contact the college on 9338 8900.

Zane Strawbridge sets sail

Year 11 student Zane Strawbridge recently had the fantastic opportunity to join a Leeuwin Youth Explorer voyage as part of a scholarship provided by the Engagement Forum of WA. Read more about Zane’s amazing journey from Bunbury to Fremantle here on the Leeuwin Ocean Adventure website.