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Parent Candidate Information

David Raftery

I live locally, and have two school-aged children. My eldest commenced Year 7 at Fremantle College this year and we have found the experience of Fremantle College to be highly engaging and positive. I am committed to the local area and Fremantle College’s role within it. This motivates me to work for outcomes that we can all share and celebrate, and I see the Fremantle College Board as crucial in connecting the school to the wider community.

I would bring valuable professional and community experience to the School Board role. My career has been spent at the interface of industry and community development (in the native title sector and in the WA government).  My work has always revolved around understanding the perspectives of different groups and individuals, building consensus and working for common goals.  This is challenging but highly rewarding.

I also have genuine interest in the education sector, and I have been studying a Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary). I would bring strong communication skills to a role within the school community, and a genuine interest in fostering and supporting the skills of others, so that together, we can create impacts that would otherwise have been impossible.

Fatima Exton

I am a parent of a year 8 student at Fremantle College. I work at a local charity in Hamilton Hill and I enjoy helping people wherever they are. All my adult days I have helped people who are in need of help. From cooking to cleaning to ironing. I like to help those that are in dire straits. Having difficulty try to survive pay to pay. Struggling with food or money. Students or their families if they are seeking help.

Attributes that I can bring to the Fremantle College School Board include:

  • A positive attitude with great organisation and planning;
  • Motivation and communication;
  • Teamwork;
  • Knowledge and skills;
  • Interest and passion; and
  • Trustworthiness.

I am a multi-tasker in all I do. I strive for the best and nothing less. I am caring, compassionate and friendly.

Shaun Major

I am a father of two teenagers, one of whom is a Year 9 student enrolled in both the Specialist Music & Specialist Marine Studies programs. Our eldest is in Year 12 at Perth Modern.

I am a proud product of the public education system, which set me up well for tertiary education, where I earned a Bachelor of Arts and a postgraduate qualification in Management. Professionally my career has been mostly in the public sector, and I have worked for three different Government Departments and two public Universities.

I was the first in my family to go to University and have always been a firm believer in the transformative power of education and the importance of building pathways of education and opportunity for all children regardless of their background, circumstances or their family’s financial capacity. I brought this passion and focus to my latest role at the University and I would bring the same to the Fremantle College Board.

Drawing on my lengthy experience in senior management roles, I will bring the following skills and attributes to the Fremantle College Board:

  • Budget & financial management;
  • Governance and policy development & support;
  • Strategic and operational leadership;
  • Focus on inclusivity and empowerment; and
  • Extensive experience in working in financially, politically and/or operationally constrained environments.

Stephen Ferguson

I have a child doing Marine Studies at Fremantle College.

I run a small business providing laser based solutions to a variety of industries – so have problem solving skills and a network of contacts that would be useful to bring into Fremantle College

Specifically, I would like to try and increase Fremantle College’s profile in the marine and water sports space, initially by better utilising the Olympic sized pool. Fremantle College could have a strong swimming squad representing the college at inter-school events, and open water events – and it’s also suitable for water polo.

The College also has an ocean-going boat that could provide marine engineering opportunities, plus options to work with UWA locally and other marine science institutions.  The college has lots of great opportunities, and I’d love to be part of the board to help achieve some of these.

Moyanne Bertolini

My three children all attend Fremantle College, which was an important and conscious decision for our family and one we are glad we made, as we see them being well supported and thriving in their differing educational pursuits.

I am a very proud and active member of the local community including being involved with Fremantle College from its initial stages sitting on both the advisory and current board.

I have worked in education for 30 years and I am passionate about supporting our students, staff, families and community to work collaboratively, towards a strong future for Fremantle College.

I feel I can offer honesty and positivity to the board, with a focus on embracing the strengths of our students, so they are able to gain success at Fremantle College and in turn be valuable and involved members of our wider community.

It has been a privilege to sit on the advisory board and to be one of the parent representatives on the current Fremantle College board.

I would love the opportunity to be voted back onto the board and continue to assist our school to be a positive and progressive place to learn and grow.

Louisa Kqiku

I have two boys in Fremantle College in year 9 and 12, both in marine and music. My son is also one of the captains in year 12. I have lived in Fremantle all my life having arrived by ship in the 1960s. My boys both went through Beaconsfield primary and as a family we are strong supporters of local public education.

I have been on the board of both my boys’ primary school as well as local community-run child care centre. I am a permanent lecturer at TAFE in the adult migrant English programme as well as an Educator with Women’s Health and Family Services. My highest degree is a Masters in Applied Linguistic and I have undergrad degrees in psychology and statistics. I believe I have skills and attributes in the areas of communication, education systems, local community engagement and team work.

Garth Paparone

Hi my son is a student at Fremantle College. I am a local member of the community.

I have a voice. I stand for what I think is right. I am a great leader and have great ideas for most things.

Rebecca Seage

I currently have two children in Fremantle College in various specialist programs in years 7 and 8. My children are in the Marine, ICT and Academic Excellence programs

I am an Aeronautical Engineer by profession however I am currently working as a manager in the VET sector.  As part of my work in this sector I manage several school based trainees and Vocational Education programs. I feel this knowledge and ties to educational institutions and programs would provide benefit to the school if I was to be elected on the board. I feel like I would add value to the board around advice on policies, promotion of the college, advice on funding of policy outcomes. These roles align to my skills in the Vocational Education and Training.

I have been a previous board member for two terms at my children’s previous school, Bibra Lake Primary School and have assisted in developing the first business plan for the school in the year they were declared as an independent school. The role there was similar to that outlined for Fremantle College so I feel I may have some experience as to the role of a board member.

Anna Edwards

As an English teacher who has worked in a local public school for over ten years, I am a passionate believer that all students have a right to high quality education. I would welcome the opportunity to contribute my expertise, particularly in the area of literacy attainment and improvement, to the school community. 

I live in Hamilton Hill, and as a local parent, I am passionate about raising the profile and good reputation of Fremantle College in the community. I believe that our community has a wonderful local high school. I have volunteered for and attended P&C run events, and always speak positively, enthusiastically and knowledgeably about the wonderful work the College is doing. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Fremantle College as a Board member to promote the good reputation of this wonderful educational institution within our community. 

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