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Specialist Program Tour Afternoon

Specialist Program Tour Afternoon

We look forward to welcoming you to our college community on Monday 1 May 2023. Below you can book into any of our Specialist Program Tours. We suggest you book into our General Presentation - as we will detail the application process and timelines associated, as well as other general information about what Fremantle College can offer your child.

To ensure our Tours can be accessed by as many interested parties as possible, we request that a maximum of 3 family members attend each tour.
Fremantle College General Presentations
This 10 min presentation will cover the application process, timelines and other general information about Fremantle College. This 10 min presentation feeds into our Specialist Tour times. We recommend booking into this presentation.
Specialist Contemporary Music Program Tours
Our 25 min Specialist Contemporary Music Program Tour will provide you with the opportunity to view our Calvert Music Centre and hear from our Specialist Music staff
Specialist Marine Studies Program Tours
Our 25 min Specialist Marine Studies Tour will enable you to view our Specialist Marine Classrooms and speak with our Marine Science and Marine Physical Education Staff about this exciting program.
Specialist ICT Program Tours
Our 25 min Specialist ICT Program Tour will take you to our ICT Lab, where you will hear from ICT Staff and Students about our exciting and innovative program.
Gifted and Talented Education Program Tour
Our 25 min Gifted and Talented Education Tour will delve into the exciting projects, competitions and work our Gifted and Talented students participate in. Speak to our Gifted and Talented Coordinator and hear directly from our Gifted and Talented students about their experiences.
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