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Is Fremantle College an Independent Public School?

Yes, it is. We have applied for Independent Public School status and this was approved. The Independent Public Schools initiative empowers school communities to shape the ethos, priorities and directions of their schools to reflect the aspirations of their students.

Independent Public School status will allow us to assume greater responsibility for our own affairs and have increased flexibility to respond to the community. The initiative creates more diversity in the public school system and helps build strong communities that are more able to respond to the needs of students.

Where will the new school be located?

We will be located at 171 Lefroy Road, Beaconsfield.  There will be new buildings and refurbishment of existing buildings and teaching and learning facilities.

What will be the local intake area of the new school?

We have a large local intake area. Find out about the local primary schools and the boundaries here.

Will my child have access to an ATAR pathway? What other options are available?

We will provide ATAR courses in Year 11 and 12 from 2018 and are committed to maintaining the options of:

  • ATAR pathways to university with clear academic monitoring and revision/study support.
  • Alternative entry to university opportunities that allow a large number of our students to attend university straight after high school.
  • General and Vocational Education and Training (VET) Pathways ensure our students leave the college with national qualifications, vocational experience and opportunities for work/training placement.

Course counselling and support will be provided to Year 10 students in 2017 to make these choices in an informed manner. From 2018, we will provide individualised counselling to all Year 10 students to make these important choices and to ensure appropriate pathways are put into place for each child.

Will Fremantle College have a strong pastoral care program?

We are committed to building a culture of high expectations in behaviour, attendance, uniform, academic and social responsibility. We will develop strong standards of behaviour for our diverse student population so that all children feel safe and valued as members of our college community.

An explicit focus on Dr Martin Seligman's work on Positive Education will be embedded across our college to ensure a continued focus on health and wellbeing for staff and students is maintained.

Will the college have a Gifted and Talented Selective Entrance Program?

Yes, we will host one of the highly regarded Gifted and Talented Academic Programs that are run in selected secondary schools for students with exceptional academic ability. Our program will provide your child with challenging and highly motivating learning opportunities so they can achieve at the highest level.

How will Fremantle College cater for my child with additional learning needs?

We will cater for your child if they require additional support in a mainstream classroom through highly skilled classroom teachers, a trained team of Educational Assistants and interventions where required. An Autism Extension Program is available by application for high functioning students who are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Will Fremantle College be accessible by public transport to enable them to travel to school?

Planning for the new school will include working with the Public Transport Authority on transport to our college.

Will Fremantle College have a uniform?

We will have a compulsory uniform for all students. The uniform will be available in Semester 2, 2017.